Shipping container bar

The ideal combination of functionality and industrial design

Shipping Container Bar

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind feature to add to your outdoor space or a unique way to serve drinks at your next event? BarContainer is the place to go! Our shipping container bars are the ideal combination of industrial design and functionality, and are sure to impress your guests while also elevating your space.


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What makes our shipping container bar unique?

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We take pride in our high-quality shipping container bars. Designed to be durable, functional, and stylish, our shipping container bars are constructed from galvanized steel, giving them a distinct industrial and modern appearance that will add character to any space.

Our shipping container bars also have a distinct modular design, which allows you to easily expand the area of your container. Our shipping container bars are easily adaptable to your needs, whether you need more storage space or to accommodate a larger crowd. 

BarContainer is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a high-quality shipping container bar, they are versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes like outdoors bars, shop stands and business spaces. Whether you’re running a restaurant, a bar/bistro, or a brewery, our shipping container bars are the perfect way to serve drinks in style and can help you stand out from the competition thanks to its modern design.


Lightweight Metal Panels
These panels will make your shipping container bar easy to handle without compromising the structure of the container.
Easy assembly and disassembly
The shipping container bar can be assembled on site with ease and can also be dismantled to be relocated anywhere you need.
Permanent or Temporary
Their demountable design allows the shipping container bar to be relocated whenever you need, or remain at a specific location.
Innovative unique design
With a foldable canopy and modern look, the shipping container bar can work as a at-home bar or as a store for your new venture.

All of this is possible due to its unique design and galvanized steel panels. Obtain all the benefits of a normal sea container in a one time investment with a demountable shipping container bar, the best in the market!


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The shipping container bars can be ordered in any of the Classic RAL Colors, or can be customized with two colors, ideal to match your company colors, the venue or even your home decor. This customization can be done to any of our demountable containers, not just the shipping container bars. If you want to check more demountable containers, you can browse our range of products by clicking on the button below.

Ready to transform your space with a shipping container bar from BarContainer? Contact us today to get started! We’ll work with you to create the perfect bar for your needs, and provide you with the high-quality product and customer service that you deserve. Contact us via email at, you can also request a quote, or talk to us through the chat box in the bottom right corner.

Our commitment to the customer

Here at, we focus on two main goals to provide the best service possible to our customers. These two main goals are the next ones:

Satisfy our customer's needs

The customer is our priority, we’re always available to provide the best service and advice so you can choose your shipping container bar and have the certainty that our product will fulfill your expectations. Our experts will help you with everything you need with a good attitude and expertise.

Provide the best quality

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There is no better way to celebrate than with durable shipping container bar. Easy to assemble and resistant to any inconvenience, our containers are made with galvanized steel, making it efficient to transport without compromising the structure of the shipping container bar.

A shipping container bar from BarContainer is a unique and stylish way to serve drinks and add character to any space! Have more questions about the shipping container bar? You can contact us directly to know more about our products. You can contact us at, requesting a quote, filling in the contact form or with the chat box in the corner. Check out our YouTube Channel to know more about our bar containers.

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