Restaurant in a container

A versatile solution for your restaurant

Restaurant in a Container

A restaurant in a container is a trend that has gain popularity in the past decade. Installing a bar container is a profitable option for those who want to open their business in a modern and versatile way. The demountable bar container is easy to install and move, making them an excellent choice for setting up a restaurant anywhere you like. The demountable containers that can be used as a restaurant adding to their easy transportation when assembled are very sturdy and resistant to different seasons.

"Everyone will marvel at your restaurant in a container, a modern solution for the food industry!"

Why start your restaurant in a container?

restaurant in a container

One of the main advantages of a restaurant in a container is the foldable canopy on the side of the container. This will make your demountable container look great and innovative, attracting all kinds of customers. In addition, one of the main advantages of using our bar container to build a restaurant is that it will be durable, as it is made of high-quality galvanized steel. Thus, your bar container will last for a long time and will not need any maintenance. This is in contrast to many other materials or buildings that require a lot of maintenance.

In addition, a restaurant in a container is very versatile for transportation while dismantled. The containers have forklift pockets on the bottom of the unit. This makes it easy to move your newly acquired bar container to another location.


Advantage of a restaurant in a container

restaurant in a container

The advantage of building a restaurant in a container is that it can be assembled quickly and easily. We provide you with technical drawings, an instruction manual, and videos to help you on the installation of your bar container in a short period of time. This also means that the bar container can be dismantled and moved after a party, festival, or event. This way, your restaurant in a container takes up little space when not in use.

"The speed and ease with which the restaurant in a container can be assembled is second to none, and all this without affecting its durability!”



Our demountable bar containers can be assembled and dismantled easily. All you need is a small forklift to move the container from one place to another, a toolbox, and a couple of extra pair of hands.



We are a customer-oriented company, so we make sure that every bar container we sell is exactly what you need to make your project a reality. We offer viable and sustainable solutions for any business concept.



Whether it is a fast-food restaurant, a coffee shop, an outdoor bistro, a family bakery, or even a juice bar, our bar containers will fulfill all your dreams. Thanks to their modular design, the bar containers are easy to adapt to your needs .

Discover the Versatility of a Restaurant in a Container

Looking for a one-of-a-kind and innovative solution for your new dining venture? Look no further than a restaurant in a container from With our expertise in container bars for indoors and outdoors, and a keen eye for design, we bring you an unique experience that combines mobility, sustainability, and exceptional aesthetics.

"The Restaurant in a Container is a cost effective way to start your business. And you can move even after is assembled, so you can take your business with you.”

Mobility Meets Affordability

One of the key advantages of a restaurant in a container is its mobility. Catering to a variety of events, festivals, or even exploring new neighborhoods is made simple when you can transport your restaurant to different locations. This adaptability guarantees that your business stays dynamic and versatile to changing patterns and client requests. Furthermore, choosing a container-based restaurant is a cost-effective choice, with much lower overhead costs than typical brick-and-mortar operations.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

With a restaurant in a container, you can embrace sustainability. By purchasing a demountable container, you help reduce the waste and environmental impact from the building sector. Our containers are built with energy-saving features and can be outfitted with environmentally friendly technologies. This ecologically conscientious strategy not only appeals to environmentally conscious customers, but it also frames your restaurant as responsible and forward-thinking business or home addition.

Colorful and customizable
restaurant in a container

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The restaurant in a container can be ordered in any of the Classic RAL Colors, or can be customized with two colors, ideal to match your company colors, the venue or even your home decor. This customization can be done to any of our demountable containers, not just the 10 foot container. If you want to check more demountable containers, you can browse our range of products by clicking on the button below.

Also, you can contact us directly to know more about the restaurant in a container or our other products. You can send us a mail to, request a quote, or contact us with the chat box in the corner. Also, check out our YouTube Channel for videos related to the bar containers.


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