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RAL Classic is renowned for its extensive range of colors, offering an extensive palette to choose from for your colorful containers. Whether you envision a bar container that exudes a sleek and sophisticated aura with cool blues and elegant grays or you prefer a vibrant and lively atmosphere characterized by bold reds and energetic yellows, the options are virtually limitless.

The beauty of bar containers from Barcontainer.com lies in their remarkable capacity for customization, particularly in their ability to transform into colorful containers that captivate and enchant. These vibrant and dynamic structures can be tailored to your exact preferences, with a stunning array of choices.


The RAL Classic Colors consists of 189 different colors, divided into 9 different shades. The colors of RAL Classic have a unique 4-digit code number, which is associated with a shade (Example: RAL 9001). The color codes are divided into the following codes:

Yellow shades 1 (RAL 1000)
Orange shades 2 (RAL 2000)
Red shades 3 (RAL 3000)
Violet shades 4 (RAL 4000)
Blue shades 5 (RAL 5000)
Green shades 6 (RAL6000)
Gray shades 7 (RAL 7000)
Brown shades 8 (RAL 8000)
Black and white shades 9 (RAL 9000)


These RAL colors are currently available for all colorful containers:

RAL colors

Below are the colors most frequently chosen by our customers.

Easy Assembly

Without the need for heavy tools; the bar container can be assembled with just standard tools and 3 people

Take it anywhere

Our contaienrs unique design allows the bar container to be easily transported with a small lift or even by hand

Top Customer care

Our team will privde assitance and advice to help you start your new project with the right bar container for you


The sheer variety of colors available means you can create a container that reflects your vision and sets the perfect tone for your establishment. Whether you’re aiming for a minimalist and elegant look or a playful and energetic vibe, the colorful containers from Barcontainer.com provide the ideal canvas to bring your creativity to life.

Colorful containers offer a fantastic and attractive solution to your storage needs. They prove incredibly valuable, especially if you’re a contractor or architect working within the construction industry. These versatile containers find application in a wide range of scenarios. For instance, collapsible containers can serve as temporary storage solutions during renovations or become integral units for storage companies.

The beauty of these containers lies in their ability to be customized with the RAL Classic colors of your choosing. Opting for a colorful container also comes with the incredible benefit of a 1-year anti-corrosion warranty, ensuring their durability and longevity. Additionally, the containers are designed for easy disassembly, making them highly transportable and perfect for placement in otherwise hard-to-reach locations.

Watch our Colorful Containers in action!

BarContainer.com has the ideal solution for modern and compact space. With our wide range of colorful containers, we can provide you in no time with the space you need for your backyard, busines space, or on any location where you need it. Check out our products in action on the left or go to our Youtube Channel.

Our colorful containers bar can be used as temporary or permanent space in various situations. Our bar container is also commonly used as a stand at events, festivals and farmers market. In addition, these flat pack containers can be personalized to attract customers, follow your brand colors, or match your backyard décor.

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