Shelf Kit – 3 plates x 2 Meter Wide Shelves

Flat dimensions (LxWxH): 1900 x 500 x 35 mm
Dimensions with brackets (LxWxH): 1900 x 510 x 100 mm

$265,99 ex. VAT
plus Shipping


Unique container store shelves

On this page you will find the shelving package of 3 shelves containers from This shelving package contains three long plates and the installation manual to place them on the rails that are on each bar container. The shelves containers are made of galvanized steel with a silvery finish, and in addition, the shelves containers have the standard galvanized steel color, so it matches the default color of the demountable container. All the shelves containers packages are specially designed for the demountable containers of, so these unique shelves let your business in a bar container be well equipped while keeping everything sorted correctly inside your own store.

We provide ways to help organize and secure your items

Here at Bar Container, we always make sure that your bar container arrives in the best condition, ready for anything. For this reason, we offer the best accessories such as the shelves containers and security accessories such as the anti-theft lock for shipping containers. All our products are made with the best materials of the market, and we are always happy to hear your suggestions and feedback about our products.

Applications of the container store shelves

You can use the shelves containers as a liquor stand or storage for kitchen tools if you utilize the bar container as a meeting spot in your garden. The shelves containers can be used to have all the papers sorted if the bar container is being used for a business as a cafeteria. Additionally, if the demountable container is used for a project or a construction site, the shelves containers can be used to store tools while being a place to have some drinks. Your shelves containers is the ideal addition for all containers and may be used with your shelves for a variety of purposes.

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