Ramp for bar container

 Dimension length 100 mm
 Dimension width 50 mm

$249,67 ex. VAT
plus Shipping


Shipping container ramp for your bar container

Our shipping container ramp made for our bar containers is a unique accessory. This shipping container ramp is used widely for people that store things with wheels like a little lifter, bicycle, or a lawnmower inside their bar containers for business purposes or at home. The container ramp is made from galvanized steel that is colored in gray and has an anti-slip layer.

These previous characteristics help the container ramp to be extra sturdy and gives extra grip to any wheeled vehicle or object that goes inside the container. The dimensions of the container ramp are 100 cm length and 50 cm width, which lets the access ramp be used in any demountable structure with a single door or double door, fitting perfectly in every model. For example, the shipping container ramp can be used in a bar container for an easy access of beer barrels for your business, or other large objects like fridges, bar counters, or business stands.


Here at Bar Container, we always make sure that your bar container arrives in the best condition, ready for anything. For this reason, we offer the best accessories such as the shelves containers and security accessories such as the anti-theft lock for shipping containers. All our products are made with the best materials of the market, and we are always happy to hear your suggestions and feedback about our products.

More accessories than the shipping container ramp

Do you want more accessories for your bar container to keep items sorted and have a quick access to them? Then get a set of shelves with your container ramp. You need to protect valuable stuff inside the garden container from thieves? Get an anti-thief secure bar with the container ramp. We offer more types of accessories that are complementary to the shipping container ramp.

The uses of the container ramp are very wide, and they depend on your needs. The container ramp can handle large amounts of weight due to its materials and also it doesn’t damage easily because of its reliefs. The container ramp is great for many situations and is very affordable to anyone that buys a container, it will help you to solve many problems!

Don’t miss out in the opportunity to obtain one of these unique accessories!

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