Lamp for Bar Container

Cable length: 5 m
Easy to attach using a magnet
2 sockets with 230 volts
Energy saving lamp with 11 watts.
Specially designed for the foldable containers of

$265,99 ex. VAT
plus Shipping

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The light bulb storage container

Do you live in a very cloudy place? Your container is often too dark? You use your container at night and always use a flashlight? We present to you our light bulb storage container! Especially designed for the demountable containers of

The light bulb storage container is an unique product from our Accessories Catalogue that lets you see inside or outside your bar containers during night time or in cloudy days. This accessory is super versatile and includes two power points in its sides, a hook on its back to easily hang where you need it, and 3 magnets to be put anywhere on your container.

advantages of the light bulb for your bar container

The great advantages that our light bulb storage container offers, compared to most other lamps, is that it is the ideal light bulb for your bar containers and more. Our light bulb storage container has an impact protection up to class IK10, being the highest protection rating while providing protection against up to 20 joules! The lamp is also IP54 certified, which protects it against short circuits or electric shock in various locations, for example, a construction site or in a business site.

The light bulb also has an ergonomic handle making it easy to manipulate while installing it or changing it from place. The 3 magnets it has make it easy to put in any of the galvanized steel panels of the storage container, whether on the roof panel or one of its sides. The light bulb storage container can also be put on the racks, door, or set of shelves, every steel part! If you don’t want to put the light bulb storage container with the magnets, you can also hang it in a lifting eye or use the hook on its back to put it there.

“The light bulb storage container has an ergonomic handle, this handle ensures that the lamp does not easily slip out of your hands!”

light bulb Power connections for your bar container

Last but not least, the light bulb has two power connections on each side of its base. This features provides extra connections for your electrical equipment and other tools you need. They don’t only provide the best protection possible for electrical shortcuts, they can be sued for different types of connections. For example: they can be used for many things like charging your phone, use electrical devices inside the container or also charge your business implements inside. These characteristics make the light bulb storage container a very good acquisition since it also let you use it for more than just provide light to your bar container, acquire your light bulb now!


Get a shipping bar container today and accessorize it with the light bulb, shelves, anti theft lock, and a ramp, The containers are available in different sizes, models and color. The biggest advantages these structures offer you are:

  • They’re low maintenance for a one time purchase.
  • Suitable for any purpose, whether for a business shop or for personal use.
  • Thanks to their flat pack design they provide efficient transportation
  • Their demountable design makes them easy to assemble, requiring only some friends, a toolbox and a drill
  • The extremely durable yet lightweight panels let them be transported by hand, a forklift, or a crane.

You can check more of our bar containers on our YouTube channel.