Food Truck 4×2 Meters XL Black RAL 9005

Demountable bar tray for self-assembly.
External dimensions (LxWxH): 3882 x 2290 x 2240 mm.
Internal dimensions (LxWxH): 3802 x 2210 x 2100 mm.
Door dimensions: (LxH): 1750 x 2050 mm.
Available in all RAL colors.
The lid of the container is secured on both sides with two cylinder locks.
Fully self-supporting construction, including the floor.

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Food truck for catering 4×2 meters

The food truck catering 4×2 meters are a new product with innovative design that will give an elegant touch to your home or office, in which you can adapt and customize to your liking, all according to your needs. This food truck catering are not for a single purpose because they have many applications since they are flat pack containers. They can be used as a bar, a cafeteria, a restaurant, among others. With the food truck catering it will be easy to open your business anywhere you want or to have a meeting spot to enjoy with some friends and family at home. This container has the advantage that you will not have to use a permanent establishment since, if needed, you can dismantle and transport it to a new place. Thefood truck catering are easy to dismantle, and, above all, have several benefits and much more.

“We guarantee that the food truck catering will make you and your customers feel comfortable and at ease.”

applications for the food truck catering

The bar container’s folding canopy bridges the interior with the exterior, transforming the food truck catering into a versatile space that can function as a store, meeting room, or any imaginative setup. Utilize the bar container in black according to your needs—whether it’s as a bakery, ice cream shop, coffee shop, sporting goods store, restaurant, or a bustling festival bar. The design of these food truck catering caters to both aesthetics and functionality, making them suitable for diverse business applications. Equipped with secure locks and robust construction, they offer a safe and stylish venue. The portable nature of these food trucks in containers makes them easy to relocate, providing services at various events and locations, thereby maximizing business visibility and customer engagement. Tailored to meet specific business needs, this food truck catering is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to create a dynamic business environment on the go.

Why buy bar containers?

The primary advantage of the food truck catering from lies in their easy assembly and low maintenance, representing a high-value, one-time investment. Their demountable nature makes the containers versatile for any use, whether as a commercial shop or for personal purposes. Moreover, the bar container as food trucks feature an installation-friendly design that allows assembly in less than 30 minutes with just a few friends, a toolbox, and a drill. This bar shipping container is robust and highly durable when assembled, yet remains lightweight when dismantled, facilitating transportation by hand, forklift, or crane.


  • Fully galvanized frame
  • Fully modular power
  • Easy assembly of the portable bar
  • Choices for “Snap-in” shelf designs
  • Customizable in most RAL Colors
  • External powder painting is required if the storage container is going to be colored.

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