FOCO® counter board for 4 meter bar container

Dimensions (LxWxH): 2800 x 400 x 35 mm
Height above ground (LxWxH): 850 mm

$298,52 ex. VAT
plus Shipping


FOCO® counter board for 4 meter bar container

Especially for our bar containers there is now counter board. This counter board is specially designed for 4-meter bar containers. With a length of 280 cm it fits exactly under the awning of the bar container.


A counter board is a great addition to your removable bar container. This accessory adds comfort to your removable container from With the bar top you can for example display items in your bar container or deliver refreshments. If you use the container as a workshop in the garden, you can use the counter top to display tools or as a workbench.

A counter board in the dismountable bar container ensures that you don’t have to put your things on the floor, but you can put them neatly in the container.

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