Containers for festivals 3×2 Meters White RAL 9016

Demountable bar tray for self-assembly.
External dimensions (LxWxH): 2950 x 2142x 2088 mm.
Internal dimensions: (LxWxH): 2872 x 2062 x 1950 mm.
Door dimensions: (LxH): 1750 x 1850 mm.
Available in all RAL colors.
The lid of the container is secured on both sides with two cylinder locks.
Fully self-supporting construction, including the floor.

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Containers for festivals 3×2 Meters White RAL 9016

The Containers for festivals are a 3×2 meter container structure and comes with a foldable canopy on one of its long sides. The dimensions of the Containers for festivals are equal to a normal 10ft container but with the unique characteristics of demountable containers. The folding canopy lets the Containers for festivals look like a real bar and also makes it easy to interact with anyone outside of it. With this feature, your Containers for festivals will be the center of attention anywhere it will be placed.

The folding canopy can be closed to keep everything inside safely stored because the canopy and the door have locks with a unique key for each. Also, the Containers for festivals has a double door on the short side. This allows large items, such as beer barrels, to fit inside the bar Containers for festivals with no problems. The bar containers are ideal structures to use in personal or corporate purposes, such as meeting spots or as small businesses at work.

applications for the Container for festivals

The bar container’s folding canopy enhances the link between the inside and outside. As a result, you can use the Containers for festivals as a bar, a store, or a meeting room. Use your imagination to us the