Container Pop Up 4×2 Meters XL Blue RAL 5015

Demountable bar tray for self-assembly.
External dimensions (LxWxH): 3882 x 2290 x 2240 mm.
Internal dimensions (LxWxH): 3802 x 2210 x 2100 mm.
Door dimensions: (LxH): 1750 x 2050 mm.
Available in all RAL colors.
The lid of the container is secured on both sides with two cylinder locks.
Fully self-supporting construction, including the floor.

$2.989,98 ex. VAT
plus Shipping


containers pop-up XL 4x2m

The containers pop-up are also known as flat pack container, they come with a folding canopy and a double door panel. The dimensions are similar to the 4×2 bar containers, but its width and length dimensions are larger by half a meter. The canopy of these Container pop ups are strong and contains a hydraulic system that allows you to close it. The Container pop ups are perfect solutions for big projects because they are capable of being installed anywhere you want.

In addition, the double door of the Container pop ups are wide, where you can fit large items such as beer barrels, freezers, tables, and many others. All these characteristics makes the Container pop ups 4×2 XL perfect not just for personal purposes, but also for businesses that wants to have a unique demountable and versatile structure.

Many applications for the containers pop-up

The modified shipping containers’ side canopy enhances the link between the inside and outside. As a result, while receiving service, you can use the modified shipping containers as a bar, a store, or a meeting room. Use your imagination to us the modified shipping containers as you like. Some applications can be as a bakery, ice cream shop, coffee shop, sporting goods store, restaurant, or festival bar!

Why to buy container pop up?

The biggest advantage of these large structures is that they are easy to assemble and are low maintenance for a one time purchase. These characteristics let the container pop up be suitable for any purpose, whether for a business shop or for personal use. Also, the characteristic of them been demountable lets the modified shipping containers of be and easy to build structure, which with just some friends, a toolbox and a drill can assemble it in less than 30 minutes.

The containers pop-up while assembled is resistant and extremely durable, while dismantled its panels are lightweight which let them be transported with bare hands, a forklift, or a crane. Also, the modified shipping containers are customizable with complementary accessories such as shelves, light bulbs, or also anti thief locks to keep everything securely storage. You can check our accessories here.


  • Fully galvanized frame
  • Fully modular power
  • Easy assembly of the modified shipping containers
  • Choices for “Snap-in” shelf designs
  • External powder painting is required if the bar container is going to be colored.

You can check more of our bar containers on our YouTube channel.