Bar Container 3×2 XL Meters Blue RAL 5015

Demountable bar tray for self-assembly.
Exterior dimensions (LxWxH): 2952 x 2290 x 2240 mm.
Interior dimensions (LxWxH): 2795 x 2130 x 2100 mm.
Door dimensions (LxH): 1750 x 2050 mm.
Available in all RAL colors.
The roof of the container is secured by two cylinder locks on both sides.
Completely self-supporting construction, including the floor.

$2.810,30 ex. VAT
plus Shipping


shop containers XL 3x2m

The shop containers has a canopy on one of its long sides, which lets the outside and the inside interact easily. This container allows you to have amazing moments and create memorable experiences. The shop containers XL 3x2m