Anti-theft security bar lock

Extra protection against theft
Easy to mount

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Protect your goods with our lock for shipping containers

The anti-theft lock for shipping containers is the ideal accessory to provide additional protection to your chosen container. No one will be able to steal your possessions thanks to the lock’s effectiveness for shipping containers. Thieves and unauthorized individuals would not be able to enter your bar containers! Our demountable containers have been created to work with the anti-theft lock for shipping containers.

The demountable containers with a single door or a double door on the can use the anti-theft lock for shipping containers, whether it is on the short side or the long side. The side pieces of this security bar must be fastened to the bar container to install it correctly. Once installed, the lock for shipping containers may be positioned in front of the door. The anti-thief lock for shipping containers comes with a padlock or cylinder lock to keep your goods secure.

We take care of your security with the lock for shipping container

This anti-theft lock for shipping containers is the perfect accessory to add security against unauthorized individuals. The safety lock was created specifically for the demountable containers whether it is a bar shipping container of any size or modified.

The bar containers with a single door or a double door on the short side can use the anti-thief lock for shipping containers. The demountable container must first have the side parts attached before the lock bar is installed to it, after, it has to be secured with a cylinder lock or padlock.

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The customer is our priority, and we are always available to provide the best service, advising you to choose the best accessories like the anti-thief lock for shipping containers to keep your personal goods safe.

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What better way to keep safe your business or personal bar container than with a lock for shipping containers, easy to install on your acquisition and resistant to any inconvenience. Made with the best steels in the region that provide comfort without compromising the structure of the container. The customer is our top priority, and we’re always accessible to offer assistance and guidance so you may select the perfect demountable container and feel certain that our offering will live up to your expectations. Our professionals will always be there to assist you with everything. You can contact us directly to know more about the bar container or other products. Send us a mail to info@barcontainer.comrequest a quote on any product, or contact us in the chat box in the bottom right corner.

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