Lodní kontejner

A lodní kontejner modified for your personal needs, whether for private or corporate purposes

The lodní kontejner is a unique container from barcontainer.com that is innovative due to it being a demountable container. These robust container are unique and have demonstrated they are efficient solutions for entertainment and catering purposes.  The utility of the lodní kontejner is immaculate, it is made with galvanized steel and have many types of applications such as lodní kontejner shops, mobile pop up shops, portable outdoor bars, among others.

The lodní kontejner bar is a unique structure that is extremely versatile. You can check more of them in our product category of Bar Containers.

Origin of the lodní kontejner

The lodní kontejner was introduced in the 1950s, which its vision was to transform the way people ships goods around the world. With its introduction, the lodní kontejner has been used in many other different ways, not only for transatlantic shipping. This led to the creation of more affordable types of lodní kontejner, such as the demountable containers of barcontainer.com.

The Importance in Modern Logistics

Lodní kontejner have played a key role in modern logistics because of their easy transportation, this container can be demounted and saved as a flat pack which leads to safe space for transportation, not only that but it also can be stacked up. Their solid and uniform structural design allows them to be safely stacked as flat-pack containers on trucks, which optimizes loading space and reduces handling times, up to 8 stacked. In addition, by standardizing dimensions, they facilitate transport planning and ensure greater load security.

Our commitment to the customer

A lodní kontejner from BarContainer.com is a unique and affordable option to start your business or add character to any space!  For our customers to receive the finest service possible, BarContainer.com focuses on two key objectives:

Meet the needs to the customer!

The customer is our top priority, and we’re always accessible to offer assistance and guidance so you may select the perfect bar container and feel certain that our offering will live up to your expectations. With a smile, our professionals will always be there to assist you with everything.

Fabricate high quality bar containers!

Nothing makes a celebration more enjoyable than a sturdy container. Simple to put together and resistant to any annoyance. Our containers are built of the highest-quality galvanized steel, providing you with comfort without sacrificing quality.

Contact us!

Our bar containers can be ordered in any of the Classic RAL Colors, or can be customized with two colors, ideal to match your company colors, the venue or even your home decor. This customization can be done to any of our demountable containers, whether a 10ft container or a 20ft container. If you want to check more demountable containers, you can browse our range of products by clicking on the button below.

You can contact us directly to know more about the bar container or other products. Send us a mail to info@barcontainer.comrequest a quote on any product, or contact us in the chat box in the bottom right corner.

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