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The Ultimate Food Truck Experience with Bar Container

Discover the Versatility of Bar Container for Food Trucks

A Unique Celebration Experience with FOCO Bar Containers

For those who enjoy celebrating life and creating memorable experiences, the FOCO Bar Container presents a fantastic option for your food truck. These containers can transform into various establishments, from a coffee shop to a bakery, an ice cream shop, and even a DJ cabin. Not only are they ideal for commercial uses, but they can also enhance your backyard space as a personal bar.

“The bar container offers flexibility and can be adapted for different uses, such as a flower sales stand, an ice cream shop, or a personal bar at home.”

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Inside the FOCO Bar Container: Built for Convenience

Each bar container comes equipped with a wooden floor, two steel panels, a door panel, a panel with a canopy, a metal roof, and all necessary assembly hardware. The containers feature corrugated galvanized sheet steel walls and doors, combining durability with a distinctive look. Setting up the bar container is a breeze—it takes no more than 30 minutes with basic tools and a little help from friends.

Position your bar container on any flat surface and choose from a variety of sizes and classic RAL colors. For ease of transport, the containers can be flat-packed and moved using a forklift or by manual effort with a few helpers.

Customize Your Bar Container with RAL Colors

Personalize your food truck with any shade from the RAL classic color palette. While black (RAL 9005) and dark grey (RAL 7021) are standard, you’re free to select any color that fits your brand or setting. Imagine a blue container that matches your logo or a tropical green setup for a unique ambiance.

Who Can Benefit from the Bar Container?

The bar container is versatile enough for anyone looking to start a business or create a gathering spot in their own space. Whether you need a cozy corner to relax at home or a dynamic venue for your business, these containers can be customized to meet your needs. We also offer additional accessories like lightbulbs, shelves, and windowed panels.

Our Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

At FOCO Containers, we prioritize customer needs and produce high-quality products to enhance your celebrations. Our containers are crafted from superior galvanized steel, ensuring they are easy to assemble and resilient in any setting. Our team is dedicated to providing the best service and advice, helping you make the perfect choice for your food truck or personal space. With FOCO Containers, the possibilities are endless, limited only by your imagination.