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Bar Container Accessories: Optimize Your Setup

At, we provide only the essential accessories needed to transform your bar container into a functional and stylish bar space. Whether you are a bar owner, a home enthusiast, or part of the hospitality industry, our products ensure that your bar container meets your needs. Whether setting up a professional or home bar, these additions ensure you have everything needed to mix, serve, and enjoy your favorite beverages. All items are secure within the galvanized panels of the demountable container from

“All the accessories available on our website are specially designed for the bar containers we sell. They enhance your bar container’s functionality and appearance.”

Contact us directly to learn more about our bar containers and accessories. Send us a mail to info@barcontainer.comrequest a quote on any product, or contact us in the chat box in the bottom right corner. Check out our YouTube Channel for more shipping container bar model videos.

Versatile and Tailored Solutions

A bar container from offers a versatile solution tailored to your specific needs. With a built-in canopy, these demountable containers are perfect for professional bars, home setups, or the hospitality industry. To maximize functionality and style, we offer a range of essential bar accessories designed to enhance your bar experience. Whether you’re hosting a backyard BBQ, a wedding reception, or a corporate event, our bar containers can be customized to suit your needs.

shop container stands, catering business
shop container stands, catering business

Essential Accessories for a PROFESSIONAL Look

Equip your bar container with essential accessories for a polished appearance. Our shelf packs are ideal for organizing and displaying your goods neatly, with racks that can be adjusted for different heights (measured in mm). If your bar container needs to be accessible by a cart, our ramps make it easy to transport items like stainless steel shakers, glassware, stools, and other supplies. Enhance security with a burglar bar for extra protection, ensuring your belongings, including wine bottles and other drinks, are stored safely.

Elevate Your Bartending Experience

For the ultimate bartending experience, consider adding specialized bar supplies and home bar accessories. High-quality bartending tools, such as jiggers, muddlers, and strainers, improve efficiency and presentation. Premium drinkware and barware, including cocktail glasses, decanters, and serving trays, elevate your service and impress your guests. Don’t forget about the hardware parts that can add utility to your bar setup.

shop container stands, catering business
The bar container metal panels are easy to handle and maintain structural integrity, ideal for coffee shops and fast food outlets. These eco-friendly panels support sustainability, offering a durable and versatile solution.
Easy assembly
The bar container can be easily assembled and dismantled for relocation. Step-by-step instructions ensure a hassle-free process. No special tools or expertise needed, making it quick and simple for anyone to complete. 
Permanent or temporary
The demountable bar containers allow easy relocation without expensive materials, highlighting sustainability. Available in permanent and temporary options, they offer versatile use and easy forklift transport for flexible setups. 
Unique design
The modular design lets you expand with a connection kit and various-sized bar containers. Customize the layout for more storage or a larger serving area. This stylish and modern design suits both home and professional bar setups.

Shipping Container Parts and Accessories

Shelves for your storage container

Optimize storage space with our durable shelves, perfect for organizing liquor bottles, glassware, and bartending tools. Efficient organization is crucial for both home and professional bars, ensuring everything is neatly arranged for ease of use.

Secure Container with Burglar Bar 

Security is paramount. Our burglar bar provides an added layer of protection, ensuring your valuable bar supplies and accessories are safe from unauthorized access. Rest assured that your investment is secure, even after a busy day at the bar.

Steel Ramp for Easy On-site Storage 

Accessibility is key for transporting items, especially when using a jack for heavy loads. Our ramp facilitates easy movement of carts with beverages, pourers, and bar tools in and out of your container. This is beneficial for cocktail and coffee bars, where efficiency is essential. 

Use a Lamp Inside the Container

Proper lighting is essential for any bar setup. Our lamp adds elegance to your bar container while ensuring clear visibility when mixing drinks, pouring beverages, and serving guests. A well-lit bar creates a welcoming and professional atmosphere.

A Safe and Tidy Bar Container

A removable bar container from must, of course, remain clean and safe, providing an ideal environment for storing drink supplies. That is why the burglar bar has been developed to further secure the door of your bar container so that you as a customer can leave your bar container with peace of mind after a busy day’s work. In addition, you can present your goods and any storage in an efficient and orderly manner. Utilize a storage unit for better organization. Finally, the ramp makes your bar container even more accessible to carts, whether you’re transporting glasses or a mix of bar tools.

For those in the hospitality industry, maintaining an organized and secure storage solution is crucial. A removable bar container offers a practical way to keep your supplies safe while streamlining operations. The sturdy construction and thoughtful design ensure optimal condition for your supplies, and the built-in canopy offers ventilation on hot summer days. Added security measures and accessibility features make your bar container an indispensable asset for managing daily tasks efficiently.

“Barcontainer’s shipping container accessories give your bar, restaurant or coffee shop an extra upgrade, both visually and functionally!”

Why choose

When you decide to purchase a bar container, you may also add accessories designed for your new container bar like the stainless steel pack of 3 shelves in 1m, 2m, and 3m, perfect for setting up a 20 ft shipping container bar for example. You can also include the easy attachment lamp for nighttime entertainment or just to help you see your bar storage better. Adding a door lock can provide additional security during events. Finally, you can add a ramp and a burglar bar security to protect your bar conatianer.

These are just some of the options available to you, keeping in mind our products are always high quality and sustainable. They’re made to last and designed for efficient use. Other advantages for purchasing on BarContainer,com are:

  • A low price compared to the alternatives of traditional storage or shipping containers.
  • Easy assembly thanks to the intelligent assembly system.
  • The container can be assembled without the use of heavy tools.
  • Our customer service is always available for your questions and comments.
  • Available from stock throughout all of Europe, including additional shipping container accessories.
  • The bar containers can be moved with a forklift (via sleeves) or by a crane (via lifting rings).

Buy your bar container now, complete with shelves, lamps and a ramp! Check out our YouTube Channel for more bar container videos.

Decorate and Personalize Your Bar Container

While we provide the essential accessories, the beauty of a bar container is that it can be personalized to fit your style and needs. New owners can outfit, store, and decorate the container to create their ideal bar environment.

Bar Decor: Add your own touch with bar signs, decor, and other aesthetic elements that reflect your personality or brand. The addition of a bar for shipping container doors ensures smooth access. Whether it’s a craft bar vibe with rustic elements or a sleek, modern look, the possibilities are endless.

Drinkware: Equip your bar container with premium drinkware, including cocktail shakers, champagne glasses, and decanters. Also, consider container modification for a more customized feel. High-quality drinkware not only enhances the drinking experience but also adds to the overall appeal of your bar.

Bar Cart Accessories: For added convenience, consider incorporating bar cart accessories like tongs, stoppers, measures, and pour spouts. These tools are essential for efficient and professional bartending, ensuring that you can craft the perfect cocktail every time.

Our commitment to the customer

From secure storage and efficient organization to personalized decor and premium drinkware, our accessories help you create the perfect bar setup. For our customers to receive the finest service possible, We focus on two key objectives. The following are these two key objectives:

1. Meet the needs of the customers

The customer is our top priority, and we’re always accessible to offer assistance and guidance so you may select the perfect bar container and feel certain that our offering will live up to your expectations. With a smile, our professionals will always be there to assist you with everything.

2. Fabricate high quality products

Nothing makes a celebration more enjoyable than a sturdy container. Simple to put together and resistant to any annoyance. Our containers are built of the highest-quality galvanized steel, providing you with comfort without sacrificing quality.

So whether you’re a professional bartender looking to elevate your mobile bar business or a homeowner wanting to create a stylish entertainment space in your backyard, a bar container from is the perfect solution for all your bar needs. Order yours today and start taking your bar experience to the next level.  

Are you convinced of the benefits that bar containers can offer you and want to buy a bar with accessories right away? Then place your order today in our online store or request a no-obligation quote. The possibilities are endless for a reasonable price. Would you like to know more about, for example, the assembly of the bar container? Send us a mail to info@barcontainer.comrequest a quote on any product, or contact us in the chat box in the bottom right corner.

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