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The bar container pop up is an emerging store that is dedicated to bringing out seasonal products, ideal to attract customers in strategic points of any city. A container pop up is a great addition to any brand to become more recognized and create unique experiences for its audience, whether you are a restaurant or a convenience store, a demountable bar container can boost your brand to a next level!

For a one-time investment you can acquire any of the bar container pop ups from The bar containers have a lot of different sizes and also, they can be customized with different colors and accessories. With these customizations your ideal container pop up for your brand can be yours to boost your sales and engagement.

“With a container pop up participate in all the events you want and sell in every corner of your city!”

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Advantages of the
bar container pop up store

The bar containers are the perfect solution for pop up stores because they are demountable containers. Because of this, the demountable container can be installed easily in any horizontal surface and be ready in less than 30 minutes.


What also makes our bar container unique for your business is that it has a foldable canopy that makes the container pop up look like a shop. This canopy helps the store be recognizable from far away and also keeps everything safe of your business inside the demountable container because it has a security lock.


Another advantage is related to the demountability! Thanks to its modular design, all the panels are easy to slot into place and assemble in a couple of hours with only basic tools and a couple of extra hands. Our bar containers are design so you can turn your container pop up into a flat pack container for easy transport.


Our demountable containers can be moved easily (assembled or in its flat pack presentation) wherever you like. You can move the container with bare hands when its flat packed, or with a forklift or a crane fully assembled. Also, these containers can be stacked up while in a flat pack to transport up to 5-8 units in the same space a normal sea container enters.

You can contact us directly with any question about the container pop up. You can email us to, or fill the contact form, request a quote or try the chat box in the corner.

RAL colors and connection kit
for your container pop up

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Because the container pop ups are demountable, they can be easily interconnected between various units. This can be done with a special interconnection kit that can be used in the long side or short side of the container. The demountable container is resistant enough to endure hits, whether is connected to another container or by its own. With this interconnection kit you can have larger container pop ups to make your bigger ideas come true.

“Your container pop up customized in size and looks!”

The container pop up is made of galvanized steel panels, where these panels aside from been sturdy can also be painted in any RAL classic color. For instances, your bar container can be painted in RAL 3020 (Traffic red) to be eye catchy to any by passers or can also be painted in the colors of your company. The container pop up can also be painted in two different colors for an extra price. The painting of the panels doesn’t affect in any aspect the resistance and durability of the container.

The bar containers can be ordered in any of the Classic RAL Colors, or can be customized with two colors, ideal to match your company colors, the venue or even your home decor. This customization can be done to any of our demountable containers. If you want to check more demountable containers, you can browse our range of products by clicking on the button below.

Our commitment to the customer

At we focus on two main goals to provide the best service possible and units for the container pop ups to our customers.
These two main goals are the next ones:

Satisfy our customer's needs

The customer is our priority, being always available to provide the best service and advice so you can choose your ideal bar container and fulfill your expectations of a unique container pop up. Our experts will help you with everything you need with a good attitude and expertise.

Provide the best quality

container pop up

There is no better way to celebrate than with a bar container that is durable and long lasting. Easy to assemble and resistant to any inconvenience. Our containers are made with the best galvanized steel, which gives you comfort without compromising the structure of the container pop up.

Have more questions about the container pop up? You can contact us directly to know more at, requesting a quote, filling in the contact form or with the chat box in the corner.

Bar container pop up store

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