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Introducing our  containers for catering businesses in all its models available here at Perfect for any food caterer venture, our versatile and durable containers are designed to cater to the needs of the catering industry. Whether you’re looking to start a catering business or expand your existing small business, our containers provide the ideal solution. As a business owner in the catering services industry, you can rely on our high-quality containers to streamline your operations and enhance your service delivery. Our products are tailored to meet the specific demands of the catering industry, helping you achieve success in your catering business with your catering staff.

Mobile Bar

Compact and easy to assemble, the mobile bar is the perfect structure for any event indoors or outdoors.

Food Storage Container

The food storage container is resistant to all types of weather, and their modular design allows to expand with ease.

Portable Outdoor Bar

The portable outdoor bar is a prefabricated structure that provides an easy and efficient assembly.

Modified Shipping Containers

Our modified shipping container is versatile, cost-effective, modern and durable for any type of outdoors setting.

Food Truck

Our food truck container is the perfect option for mobility and cost-effectiviness, made for the outdoors with durable materials.

Start a Catering Business with Bar Containers

At, we believe that a great setting is essential for creating new experiences and memories, and our mobile bar for catering businesses is designed with this in mind. We’ve created a welcoming, comfortable space that’s ideal for any type of catering event and setting. Whether it’s by the beach, in the countryside, or in the middle of the city, our mobile bar for your catering business can be adapted to different spaces like corporate events thanks to its modern and unique design.

We know that a successful catering business is about more than just drinks and food. It’s about creating an atmosphere that makes you feel welcome and relaxed, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with our portable outdoors bar. Whether you’re kicking back with a cold drink with a small group of guests or hosting a large gathering to celebrate a special occasion, our mobile bar for your food business is the perfect place to unwind and have a good time. Our containers are designed to support your catering services, helping you excel in the catering industry and achieve success as a business owner looking to start a catering business or expand an existing restaurant business.

Features Of Our Container Bar For Your Catering Business

At, we pride ourselves on always putting the customers’ needs first. We advise you every step of the way. Whether you are looking to purchase from our stock or want to personalize your new container stand, you can count on our customer service team to make your new project a reality. Our containers offer the following benefits:

Lightweight Metal Panels
They will make your commercial space with bar containers easy to handle without compromising the structure of the container.
Easy assembly and disassembly
The bar container can be assembled on site with ease and can also be dismantled to be relocated anywhere you need.
Permanent or Temporary Spaces
Their demountable design allows the bar containers to be relocated whenever you need, or remain at a specific location.
Innovative unique design
With a foldable canopy and modern look, the bar container can work as a at-home bar or as a store for your new venture.

If you’re looking to get your business an unique and functional space to serve your customers, consider a custom container bar from Owning a catering business offers a range of benefits and with the demountable containers structures, we give your business that extra touch that traditional brick-and-mortar spaces can’t match, including durability, customizability, portability, and flexibility.

Let us be Part of your Catering Menu!

The attention we pay to every detail is one of the things that distinguishes our mobile bar for your catering business. We’ve thought of everything to operate a catering business: from the durable materials of the panels, the unique flat pack design for efficient transportation, to the easy-to-install accessories for organization, all to ensure that you have a truly functional structure for your catering business plan. 

With plenty of sizes, colors, and models to choose from, our mobile bar for your home-based catering business is the ideal spot to create unique experiences for your clients. You can modify our demountable containers to fit your specific needs, whether you need extra storage for catering equipment or a portable bar setup. If you’re catering a large event or a small gathering, you’ll need reliable and versatile equipment to ensure success. Our bar container for your catering business can be easily transformed into a food truck or used as a central hub at a catered event, making it a perfect addition to any catering business’s toolkit.

And the best part is, you don’t have to worry about the weather spoiling your fun. Our portable outdoor bar for your catering business is made with galvanized steel panels, so you can enjoy a drink with friends no matter what the weather is like outside. Whether it’s a sunny day or a chilly evening, you can always count on us to provide the perfect setting for your next outdoor event. As a catering business owner, this flexibility and durability can help you achieve success in the catering industry.

The attention we pay to every detail is one of the things that distinguishes our mobile bar for your catering business. We’ve thought of everything to operate a catering business: from the durable materials of the panels, the unique flat pack design for efficient transportation, to the easy-to-install accessories for organization, all to ensure that you have a truly functional structure for your catering business plan. 

Check out our YouTube Channel for more shipping container bars for catering companies. If you’re looking to open a catering business or expand a local small business, our containers offer a practical and successful business idea. Explore our products and see how we can help you turn your business idea into a successful business in the catering industry.

Customize the color of your Container bar

shop container stands, catering business

Of course, no container bar for your catering business would be complete without a great selection of colors and models, and we’ve got you covered on that front too. The mobile bar for your catering business may be ordered in any of the Classic RAL Colors, or can be customized with two colors, ideal to match your company colors, business name, the venue, or even your home decor.

Color customization for your business can be an exciting and unique way to launch your catering business off the ground, and it can be done to any of our portable container bars, in any size or model. Whether you’re in need of a small compact space like the 10ft container, or something for a bigger gathering outdoors like the 20ft container, or in need for affordable space for your a small cocktail bar like our flat pack container, our talented team will help you find the perfect mobile bar for your catering business from home or events to suit your needs. 

An Unique Way to Start your Catering Business

For those following steps to starting a catering business, incorporating a bar container can be a rewarding part of your business plan. This versatile setup aligns well with the catering concept, making it easier to adapt to various events and client needs. According to the Small Business Administration, having a flexible and secure setup is crucial for any small business. Whether you’re adding this feature to a general business or a specialized catering service, our container bars provide a practical solution. Catering also benefits from the ease of setup and customizable features, ensuring your business can be a rewarding venture from the start. 

The bar container offers a unique feature: the open side panel with a canopy. Our metal canopy comes with a lock for security and side bars for stabilization. Make your catering business in your area a profitable business with easy access to your catering supplies. The opening is at the perfect counter height, allowing you to add a tabletop on the outside to create a close seating area with a stool set for easy access to patrons, an essential part of your catering services. Depending on the size of the bar container model you choose, we can add up to three canopies per container! 

Thanks to their modular design, you can customize the layout of your outdoor patio bar and add more space when you need it without completely dismantling your container bar. The open cannopy will make running your business easy and accesible, whether you do an event catering, a corporate catering, or even a buffet-style catering. Get your catering business started today with! You can contact us directly to know more about the mobile bar for your catering business or other products. Send us an email to, request a quote on any product, or contact us through the chat box in the bottom right corner for everything you need to know.


If you’re looking for the perfect mobile bar for your catering business, look no further than Bar Container. With an extensive selection of models and colors, we’re the perfect fit for anyone looking to create relaxing outdoors environments. See for yourself what makes our mobile bar so special!

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