20 foot container

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The 20 foot container is the sea container standard measurements by excellence. The measures of the 20 foot container are globally known for being the most used for cargo in transatlantic ships. These containers are used for storage of large quantities of materials in cities all around the world. The 20 foot container is super sturdy and resistant, supporting large loads inside and being able to be stacked in large quantities, but there is a disadvantage and is the fact that the sea containers aren’t easily accessible to normal people. That is why barcontainer.com have create a 20 foot container bar that is demountable and can be used for any purpose related to business shops, stores, or events.

“A 20 foot container from barcontainer.com is the perfect solution for anyone that wants a sturdy structure, with a lot of extra advantages that you cannot find in a regular sea container.”

Advantages of the 20 foot container

The 20 foot container bar unique design comes with 2 foldable canopies in two separate panels. This is due to their modular system, for the 20 foot container bar is made of two 10 foot container bars interconnected with a special connection kit. With this interconnection, you can choose where to put these two panels along the bar container, giving you the freedom to customize your unit as you wish.
20 foot container

The standard 20 foot containers can be obtained for different tasks, but it has a main problem: sea containers are not created to do anything more than cargo, and if you want to modify them for another purpose, prices can get very high. That’s where the demountable 20 foot container from barcontainer.com comes into play. The 20 foot container bar is the ideal solution to have that desired space to store your materials in a modular and elegant way. With its galvanized panels and secure installation, having a meeting place at home or a business convenience store anywhere on the city is easier than ever!

"Popular among business owners and people looking to start a business or a retail store, the 20 foot bar containers are the most versatile and economical option for entertainment or entrepreneurship."

Features of the 20 foot container

The 20 foot container bar has a lot of features and thanks to its demountable aspect, makes it very versatile. This features is what makes it different from the sea containers. Some of the great features are:

These features of the 20 foot container allow each person to personalize their acquisition and, at the same time, getting a resistant and strong structure. The 20 foot container of storage comes with all the parts necessary for its construction: 4 wall panels, 2 canopy panels, 2 door panels, 2 roof panels, 2 OSB wooden floors, bolts and nuts necessary for construction. These parts with a toolbox, a drill and some friends will make it possible to assemble the container with 3-4 people in just under 30 minutes and use it instantly.

Colorful and Customizable 20 foot containers

The 20 foot containers, as mentioned above, can be painted in classic RAL colors, and can even be painted in two colors, ideal for matching your company colors or for any other reason you may have. These containers can also be customized for an extra value, such as:

  • Adding an awning to the short side
  • Adding a window in a panel
  • Paint in two or more colors
  • Move the double door to one side of the long panel (default in the center of the panel).

This customizations can be done to any of our demountable containers, not just the 20 foot container. If you want to check more custom color demountable containers, you can look into our our 3×2 colored containers that can be connect to create a 20 foot container listed below:




Also, you can contact us directly to know more about the 20 foot container or our other products. You can send us a mail to info@barcontainer.com, request a quote, or contact us in the chat box in the bottom right corner.

Check out our YouTube Channel for more videos of the bar containers.

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